If you’re dealing in Automoblie Industry and wants to Import/Export your product or goods to/from overseas. Export-Import Data is the perfect solution for this. In your business, we know you need to plan your pricing so that you won’t get your business at any sort of loss. Your strategy needs to be predicated as foolproof as possible. Although, the market is open and anyone can export-import their goods from anywhere. But, your team needs to have an exact idea of your value, to compete with your competitor companies. However, it requires market research. Developing such understanding gives you insights into your potential customers who precisely buy the same products.

Automobile Industry serves the Indian economy on a gigantic level. We areone of the biggest auto exporters and are expected to be the world leader in terms of the same in near future. By the year 2019, Indian Automobile Industry has become the fourth-largest serving industry with approximately 4 million commercial vehicles and 25 million manufactured, which are expected to be in third place by 2021. From manufacturing the automobileparts, motor vehicles, engines and bodies, you can export or import almost any good that comes under its assigned Hs code or Chapter which is in chapter 85 to 87. Due to the broad potential In 2019, almost 900+ million dollars of investment had taken place, If you are exporting raw materials or anything that relates to vehicles and transportation, we are here to get you to the buyers for your goods. Far too many businesses are already using Import Export Data, and are getting the biggest deals for their trade business. Export-Import Data helps you to promote your company to the right people and get as accurate results as possible. By acquiring Automobile Data, you can raise your brand awareness overseas and lead your sales team to the appropriate customers. Almost 5 million vehicles goods have been exported by 2020, now there’s your chance to shine. Accumulate information about other competing businesses and assess their market strategy. Engage with the biggest players in the market and make sure to have a clear target on the bull’s eye.



Scan Target Market

For better performance in export-import, you must know where your organization should invest their time in. Your sales team require a target market. Our Data helps you to find your top target countries for your business. Doing that gives a clear picture of your specific goal.


Boost your Network

Networking is the key to any Export import Business. Export-Import Data helps you to reach organizations that are safe and genuine to deal with. You can communicate with buyers and suppliers from all around the world. Let others know your needs and availability in the market.


Investment and Budget

Determine the budget for your export-import company. Price your goods according to how customers are buying as per the estimated growth of your product. Calculate profits and loss precisely, save your organization from taking any wrong business step.


Duty in INR & USD

Also identified as customs duty, tariff, import tax or import tariff. Collect import duties as per your target countries and product. Every product varies in terms of value in every country. Find that value and quote your price as per that. Doing that would reflect in your further accomplishments.


Analyze Competition

Use swot analysis in your favour and rationalize your current position in the market. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and what makes you different with your competition. This will help you to create a balance between your strategy and how your team operates.

Spotting new business around the world is quite a complex task. We are working to let your know the market emerging patterns, what an organisation does is generally in export-import, and how you can generate value for your company. We understand, identify, and express the core value and benefits we bring to the worlds of our customers. Our Import Export Data helps you to rectify all of that and keep you aligned with your organizational goal.