Benefits of Import-Export Data

International business & trade plays a very important role in today's world economy. International trade is defined as the exchange of products, servies, or capitals across different countries. In the modern era, no country is self-reliant no matter how economically powerful they are. Every country needs to buy goods and services from other countries. Therefore, it becomes crucial for traders, buyers, and suppliers to know the market insights so that they can do their business efficiently.

Import-export data provides the market insights of international trade such as potential suppliers and buyers based on their shipping history. Exim data empowers the traders with thorough market research and helps them to reduce their risk. It also provides your competitors details with their trade data so that you can plan and act accordingly. In this blog, we shall discuss the benefits of Import-Export Data in international trade and how you can take advantage of that data.

Status of Global Market

Exim data helps you to understand the current status of the international import-export market. It contains all the details of worldwide ports and their custom shipment data. This data provides a deep insight about global importers, exporters, buyers, suppliers, traders and their shipping products. With the help of Exim data, you can evaluate the global market and make your business strategies accordingly.

Competitors Analysis

Export-Import Data contains all valuable information about your competitors such as your competitors name, products name and quantity, HS (Harmonized System) Code, source & destination countries, and many more. You can check which products and countries your competitors are dealing with. Exim data helps you in optimizing your business plan and excel in the competition.

Exploring New Markets

With the help of Import-Export data, you can explore new business opportunities all across the world. Organizations and traders around the world are looking for new markets to expand their business. Exim data helps you to identify their needs and you offer them best business solutions. It also helps you identify the most profitable goods and services.

Optimizing your Resources

Import-Export data gives you all the important information about your products, costs, countries, and competitors. By analyzing the data, you can target a particular product (or group of products/services) which is most profitable for you and export it to other countries. At the same time, you can identify other profitable products which you can import from other countries. In this way, you can use your business resources optimally.


Import-Export data becomes very important for international trade and business. If you have all the information about your products, competitors, and target countries, you can effectively compete with other businesses and make huge profits. With the help of Exim data, you will use business resources more efficiently and try to take maximum advantages from them.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is Import-Export data?

Ans: Import-Export data is basically the collection of shipments of millions of products that are imported and exported globally. This data comprises products' prices, HSN code, quantities, growth rates, shares, and many more. There are mainly three kinds of import-export data reports - monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Q2. Why is Import-Export data important?

Ans: Export-Import (Exim) data contains all the crucial information about the business such as products, costs, tariffs, and transportation charges. Importers and exporters can use this data to use their resources intelligently and make their business profitable.

Q3. Where can I get Import-Export data?

Ans: There are some companies which provide genuine export-import data to importers, exporters, buyers, suppliers. Anyone can search these firms on business directories or on the internet.

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