Chile Import Data

Chile is considered to be one of the most prominent importers around the globe. It is also one of the safest countries to live in as well as doing any business. It is also considered to be one of the stable countries in terms of socially, economically and politically. Chile’s agriculture sector contributes most to its GDP, by 53.1% in the whole of its economy. Chile is the longest country, covers more than 3,100 miles of coast on the south pacific ocean. It Ranks 21 in Exports, with 236 billion Export altogether.


Import Data

Its Import was worth 22,887 million somewhat recently with the position 24 wherein substance, electronic items and oil were the principal Imports. Its Economy is the fourth biggest in southeast Asia, with a GDP of 365 Billion, and was recorded at 11637.32 US dollars per capita in 2020 which makes it rank 35 on the world economy. Chile imports surged 55.3% year to year (USD 7,339 million) in July 2021.


Top Trade Products

Broadcasting equipment Computers Electric generating sets Electric motors Valves
Liquid pumps Centrifuges Insulated wire Office machine parts Electric transformers
Refrigerators Stone processing machine Transmissions Other construction vehicles Computers
Video displays Large construction vehicles Excavation machinery Gas turbines Lifting machinery
Industrial printers Harvesting machinery Cranes Cars Planes
Helicopters Delivery trucks Vehicle parts Tractors Packaged medicaments
Sulphuric acid Knit Sweaters Non-knit women suits Non knit men suits Refined petroleum
Cries petroleum Petroleum gas Coal briquettes Coated flat rod iron Other iron products
Rubber tyres Ethelyn polymers Other plastic products Soyabean meals Beer
Animal food Medical instruments Orthopaedic appliances Corn wheat Trunks and cases
Leather footwear Textile footwear Plastic footwear Models and stuffed animals Light fixtures
Seats Video games and card games Sports equipments Party decorations Knitted hats
Unglazed ceramics Refectory bricks Bathroom ceramics Margarine Fish oil
Seed oils Palm oils Trunks and cases Glass mirrors Woord barrels

Top Trading Partners

Below are the countries that Chile import from -

China USA Japan South Korea India
Turkey Vietnam Thailand Malaysia Indonesia
Israel Bangladesh Singapore UAE Brazil
Paraguay Uruguay Bolivia Canada Guatemia
Dominican Republic Costa Rica Argentina Columbia Ecuador
Mexico Canada Germany Italy Spain
France Spain United Kingdom Peru Netherlands
Belgium Sweden Ireland Poland Denmark
Finland Switzerland Austria Angola South Africa
Equatorial Guinea Australia New Zealand Egypt Gambia

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