Germany Export Data

It is the 7th largest country in the world, is known to be an Official Federal, parliamentary, representative democratic republic. It is also one of the most populous countries in Europe, also known to be one of the most powerful countries. Christianity is the dominant religion there, is the most densely populated country. It has a population of 81 million people living there. It covers an area of 137,847 square miles, with 16 states. Every state has their own constitution and operates through a variety of laws depends up to different states. Germany is also known to be one of the largest beer consuming countries after the Irish. Germany is considered to be the EU’s largest economy, with a GDP of 3.73 trillion USD and ranks in 4th place following the USA, China and Japan. It is capital is Berlin, the chief urban centre of germany and the largest city of the country.


Export Data

In 2016, germany was recorded the highest export surplus in the world worth of 310USD Bn. Germany is a considered to be highly developed social market economy making it the largest economy in the Europe, The 4th Largest national economy in terms of GDP and ranks 3rd on world Export.

Top Trading Products

Cars Vehicle parts Planes, helicopters and Handicrafts Delivery Trucks Aircraft Parts
Tractors Trailers Passenger cargo ships Specialised vehicles Motorcycles
Locomotive parts Buses Packaged Medicaments Blood, antisera, vaccines and toxins Industrial fatty acids
Cleaning products Laboratory reagents Reaction and catalytic products Pesticides Nitrogen heterocylic compounds
Beauty products Pharmaceuticals Ethers Iron fasteners Other iron products
Aluminium platings Metal mountings Iron structures Interchangeable tool parts Scrap iron
Flat rolled steel Waxes Enzymes Other plastics Plastic pipes
Other rubber products Other plastic sheetings Ethelyn polymers Propylene polymers Amino resins
Polyamides Self adhesive plastic Polyacetals Rubber tyres Plastic lids
Chocolates Baked goods Other edible preparations Animal food Rolled tobacco
Hard liquor Beer Confectionary sugar Fruit juice Raw sugar
Non knit women suits Knit sweaters Knit t-shirts Plastic coated textile fabric Refined petroleum
Electricity Medical instruments Chemical analysis instruments Kaolin coated papers Other furniture
Pog meat Gold Platinum Leather footwear Sawn wood

Top Trading Partners

France UK Poland Austria Belgium
Russia Spain Romania Netherlands Czechia
Sweden Hungary Croatia Italy Switzerland
Portugal Slovakia Norway UAE Saudi Arabia
Japan Hong kong South Africa Israel Turkey
Singapore Thailand Qatar Lebanon USA
Canada Mexico Panama Australia New Zealand
South Africa Egypt Mauritius Tunisia Libya
Brazil Chile Argentina Peru Paraguay
Columbia Morocco Algeria Ethiopia Gautemia

Relations with India-

Germany is considered to be one of the biggest trading partner of india. India was amongst the first countries to establish ties with the federal republic of germany after the IInd World War. Germany and india have a strategic partnership since 2001. Eximine helps in finding Germany Exporters, Germany Importers with GermanyImport Export custom Data. We specialize in Import Export Custom Data that helps you in finding suppliers for your manufacturing unit. Our Import Export Data also consists buyers information which helps you to boost your sales internationally. If you are looking for Indian Exporters or Importers, Our custom data contains shipment activities of 40+ countries that consists of Exporter name, contact details, Duties/FOB/CIF, unit price, exchange value etc. Eximine Services offers premium market research Import-Export Data Report, authenticated analysis and accurate forecast. Covering 40+countries for any product which helps you to get the maximum returns of your time and investment. We help you to analyze your market capacity through our Import Export Data so that you’d be able to utilize your work-frame.