Peru Import Data

Peru is one of the nations that share amicable binds with India. Peru is known as The Republic of Peru a Spanish talking nation, arranged in South America. Its populace is more than 33 million and offers its boundaries with Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador and Chile. Despite the fact that its essential language is Spanish as its generally communicated in the language in the nation, yet Quechua and Aymara are otherwise called the authority dialects of Peru too. The Capital of Peru is Lima which comprises right around 1 million of its all-out populace which is in excess of 10 million Itself.


Import Data

Peru ranks 57 in Imports and Imported approximately 40 billion worth of goods in 2019. Peru stands in 49th of Rank when it comes to World GDP.


Top Import Products

Refined Petroleum Crude Petroleum Cars Broadcasting Equipment Delivery Trucks
Corn Computers Video Displays Packaged Medicaments Wheat
Rubber Tires Large Construction Vehicles Soybean Meal Ethylene Polymers Soybean Oil
Office Machine Parts Vehicle Parts Blood, antisera, vaccines, toxins & cultures Propylene Polymers Copper Ore
Coated Flat-Rolled Iron Excavation Machinery Stone Processing Machines Models & Stuffed Animals Polyacetals
Liquid Pumps Medical Instruments Industrial Fatty Acids, Oils & Alcohols Other Edible Preparations Pesticides
Refrigerators Valves Buses Iron Structures Textile Footwear
Nitrogenous Fertilizers Centrifuges Insulated Wire Tractors Other Steel Bars
Motorcycles Transmissions Air Pumps Animal Food Other Iron Products
Electrical Transformers Other Plastic Products Non-Retail Pure Cotton Yarn Raw Iron Bars Uncoated Paper
Trunks & Cases Electrical Control Boards Gas Turbines Mixed Mineral or Chemical Fertilizers Rice
Rubber Footwear Low-voltage Protection Equipment Soybeans Vinyl Chloride Polymers Raw Plastic Sheeting
Concentrated Milk Light Fixtures Scrap Iron Engine Parts Unglazed Ceramics
Self-Propelled Rail Transport Video & Card Games Industrial Printers Cleaning Products Hair Products

Top Trade Partners

China United States Brazil Chile Mexico
Argentina Colombia Germany Ecuador Spain
Japan South Korea India Italy Canada
Vietnam Thailand Bolivia Netherlands Russia
Chinese Taipei France Trinidad & Tobago Indonesia Belgium
Sweden United Kingdom Nigeria Switzerland Turkey
Malaysia Paraguay Uruguay Australia Finland
Poland Austria Bangladesh Israel Philippines
New Zealand Singapore Czechia Saudi Arabia Republic of the Congo
Denmark Angola Ireland Portugal Guatemala

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