South Africa Export Data

Its population rate growth is increasing 1.87% year by year. According to 2016 data, their population was 50 million in the following year and in 2021 it’s around 54 million. South Africa has 3 capitals (Cape Town, Pretoria, Bloemfontein) because of its political and cultural differences. South Africa ranks 36th in exports and 39th in imports, has shipped of value 109Bn, according to 2019 data. The currency was valued more than USD back in the days when the country went republic, with the official currency is Rand.

South Africa Total World Exports

South Africa has exported of 89,369 billion of products in 2019. It is recognized to be one of the major hub of crude oils, hold the share of 5 Billion.


Major Products (Export)

Gold Platinum Gems and Precious metals Vehicles Mineral fuels Machinery
Iron & Steel Fruit & Nuts Aluminium Electrical Plastics

Relations with India

If we talk about the relations between India and South Africa, it’s not possible to not to mention Mahatma Gandhi, who started his political career from the rainbow nation. Both have shared a good bilateral relations with each other since the end of apartheid regime. India imported 1.2bn of coal from South Africa in 2010. Trade ties grew from 3.2 million 1993 to 4.1 Billion in 2005 and completed the milestone of 10 billion till 2010.

Products Export and Import from India

Minerals & Fuels Ores slags & ashes Woods Pearls & precious stones Iron & steel
Machinery Salt & Sulphur Organic Chemicals Inorganic Chemicals Aluminium